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Super Blade Pro
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Getting Started
You will need the items listed in the left table. (Although if you don't have Blade Pro, any kind of "gold" effect will do). Unzip the zip file and place the items as follows:
  • bamboo2.msk in your mask folder.
  • gradient (If you don't already have "ultraviolet" in your gradient folder, place this one there.)
  • woodgrain2.bmp and cloth039.bmp go in the Jasc Texturefolder

I have written this assuming you know how to use all of PSP 7's features. I will provide some extra explanations if needed. email me if anything is not clear.

Open a new document, 300X500, transparent.
Set your foreground to gradient (Ultraviolet - linear, both settings at 0) and flood fill the background.

Add a new layer.(Leaves).Selections > Load from disk - leaves.sel. Floodfill a nice green(I used #069E11-one,one at the end). Deselect.

Add a new layer.(stems).Selections > Load from disk - stems.sel. Floodfill with darker green #04660B. Keep selected and airbrush a tan color lightly on stems: colour #C09A00airbrush settings:

Add a new Layer (sun).Selections > Load from disk > sun.sel. Floodfill white, Then select your airbrush, same settings as before, and airbrush - selecting yellows and oranges or drag this pallette onto your psp screen.
have fun here,...with yellow in the upper center going out to the darkest color- just a hint on the outside.
Don't worry if its rough - Go to Effects > Blur > Average, with the setting at 5 (or if you'd like smoother still fiddle around with this.)
We now need to rearrange these layers to see them properly. Send the sun down below the leaves and stems.
Top to bottom should be :
  • Leaves
  • stems
  • sun
  • background

Layers > Merge visible.
Go to Effects > Texture > Texture - Find the texture image called "cloth039.bmp" and use these settings.

Make sure everything is saved as a psp and go on to page two...

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