Bamboo Mask page 2


The Mask
Add a new layer on the top,(Mask). Floodfill white.
Go to Mask > Load from disk > bamboo2.msk (from the mask folder you unzipped it to).
Mask > Delete mask.(say yes to the pop-up box to merge with the layer)
Select all, then click with your selection tool in the middle(on a white part)
Use Super Blade Pro or your fav filter to apply a gold setting(not too much of a bevel though, try to keep to a flatter one.) I used the shiny_gold preset, but lowered the radius to 6 and changed the shape to rounded. but you can pick one you like...
blade pro

Deselect. Add a dropshadow; h>1 ,v>1,opacity 63,blur 2

Merge all. Image > Add borders > symmetric of 50.
Select border and flood fill with brown or set to pattern and add a woodgrain pattern (vertical grain)With the flat colour, I added a Texture effects > wood grain preset but changed the picture to woodgrain2.bmp(vertical - pic)
Keep selected and apply a Cut-out 0,0,opacity 52,blur 25
Image > Add borders > of 10, with white as the color.Use the same gold effect used on the mask.

There, now what I always like to do is - to take away from all the mess - View menu, Full screen preview, (just click anywhere to get back after admiring your work....  

click for larger image 64K CLICK HERE

This is quite large so, you probably need to resize just a bit to send in to the groups. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, I enjoyed making it.

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