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Selections load from disk: "kat-bbqbase.sel"
Use Inner Bevel again with the same settings. Selections float. Effects - 3D - Cutout with these settings:
settings V -20(minus)
H -2(minus)
100 op. and 40 blur
settings V -20(minus) H -2(minus) 100 op. and 40 blur

Now we start with a new layer and before I forget, You should be saving after each step - we will be making a lot of layers and you do not want to lose everything because of a PSP crash :)
Layers - New raster layer - name it handle if you like.
Using Preset Object Tool set to Rectangle (antialias checked) Turn off the first style box and set the second style box to pattern.(select the wood pattern should be open in psp or use a preset one) angle at 90 or make your woodgrain horizontal.

Draw a rectangle from 125,105 to_375,120 Selections - Select all, Selections - float
What it looks like now
Then we will apply Effects - 3D - Cutout Settings of: vertical -3 horizontal -2 opacity 100 blur 3.5
vertical -3 horizontal -2 opacity 100 blur 3.5

Click on the Draw tool: (straight line - width 10)
Make a new layer. Foreground colour #444E55
Draw a small tab across the wood as shown outlined in red.
Draw a small tab across the wood
Click on selection tool, draw a rectangle around it then click anywhere inside the selection to select the tab.

Go to Effects: 3D - Inner Bevel, as shown

Edit,copy & paste as new selection on other side of the handle.


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