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I made this spinning globe for the Fly by Night Graphics October Challenge.

This method is an adaptation of a project I first made in a Flash 5 Introductory course at B&N University.Of course in Flash, it was much easier you only make the first and last frame & the program does the rest...but if you're ready, we can do it with Paint Shop Pro.

skill level 8/9

This is a very intensive tutorial and you should be very familiar with Paint Shop Pro effects, masks, and layers as well as Animation Shop. Although if you only complete this first page, you can have a nice still picture...

You will also need:
Flaming Pear Glitterato OR a starry background
this zip file
& the;(from J.H.T.'s Planetary Pixel Emporium)

Open a new image 300 x 300 flood fill white

Apply Flaming Pear Glitterato - (pick your galaxy!)or even a premade starry background that you like.


Apply the mask you downloaded "earth.msk" on the starry layer. Go to Mask > delete. Answer yes to the question box that pops up.


Oh yes, I have my grid lines turned on for the steps later on when we line up the map.Go to Change Grid & guide lines and change them to 50 pixels each.

Add a new layer - Layers send to bottom. We will be using a texture map that is a photo of the earth.(the original is very large & made for 3D program texture mapping - and this site has many other planets and moons for use too.)

then open in PSP.

Copy earthmap, Paste as selection on bottom layer and use view grid(at 50px) to help line it up as the left side.


Here is where we could also add some illumination if desired.(to the earthmap layer) In the zip file with the mask, there should be a lighting preset.(earthlight.plh) Save this to C:Program Files/Jasc/Paint Shop Pro/presets.Then under effects - illumination, find the preset in the dropdown box & apply.


To the starry layer, I also added a border by select all, modify contract by 5, invert, floodfill & add a border effect.

Now you have the basics done, if you wish to animate it, save as a psp and follow the steps on the next page.

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