Windows duplicate. There should still be two layers & I usually leave these in case you want to change it slightly later. I found this out from Mahogany's tutorials.
Save as 1.psp in a new folder "globe"in your working files. Close & go back to the original.
Turn off visibility on top to see. Move the map to the right to the next grid line. If you turn the top layer back on, you'll notice a piece is missing - no prob go back to the original map & copy, then paste as a new layer between the two layers.& match the right side up.

match up

Windows - duplicate, Turn visibility off the top(stars)layer & merge "map layers". Add the illumination preset if you are using it.
Save as 2.psp in the globe folder.

Back to original, Now move map 1 layer to the right so left side is on 100 grid line. and map2 layer over to match up.(right side on 100 mark) windows duplicate. Hide top layer & merge maps. (If you find a seam, it might help to use the smudge tool to blend it a little.)Apply illumination. Save as 3.psp

Continue in the same way, moving the map, duplicating, merge map layers & illumination and saving as the next number in the folder until your second map reaches the right side. But we still need to get all the way around...heres one way to line it up,

Double click the selection tool & write in these values:


Hit the delete key once. Deselect. Now move the map to the right edge and follow the usual steps (duplicate,merge maps,add illumination and save).
Now repeat until the left edge of the map reaches the left side(North america should be just to left of center, where it started. I end up with 12 files.

Go to animation shop to see how it looks... Load all the default settings...with about 15 seconds for the frame duration. At the add image screen, click CTRL A to select all the files & then to move some to the correct order by highlighting and clicking "Move down".

Click ok, and View - animation.

Use the Optimization wizard to save - it will be quite large, but looks great! I had to resize it by 45% of original to send it into the email group.

Here is my finished example

Check hereat J.H.T.'s Planetary Pixel Emporium if you are interested in additional planet maps or cloud layers for this one