Using Selections in Tutorials

Selections are a very common part of these internet tutorials. They are composed of the selection of the author's image - the marching ants. They can't be opened by themselves as you would open a graphic, but are to be used in PSP from the Selections menu once you already have a graphic open.

The first time you use them, you probably won't find any such folder as a "selections" folder - but you can create one. This can go anywhere but I have created a special PSP resource area in "MY DOCUMENTS" - call it what you like. (Open my documents, right click on a space and select "NEW" then "folder".)

Inside that PSP STUFF folder, again create a new folder - call it "SELECTIONS".(I also use this folder to add extra folders for Plugins and Tubes)

Now you're ready to download a file.Click on the folder pic. for the fan selections

zip files

The Save dialog asks where to save This can be anywhere as it is just temporary (as long as you can find it again! LOL)

Go to your zipped folder and extract the files (I like to right click and extract to a folder) depending on which program you use, select your new "selections folder" as the destination.

Thats it...they're ready to use.

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