How would you like a fan to circulate your cool air a bit? Down load these selections and you'll be ready to go. If you've never used selections before click here. Of course you'll you'll also need a copy of Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Click on the pic.

zip filesKat_fan selections

Graphics Created with Paint Shop Pro 7

Open a 500x500 image.

Create a new Layer. Go to Selections, Load from disk, Find the folder you just unzipped, and click on side.sel. Flood fill this one with a light grey (##c0c0c0)Deselect.

Go to Selections, Load from disk,click on top.sel. Flood fill with white. Deselect.

Create a New Layer. (Layers, new Raster Layer).Name it front trim.Go to selections, Load from disk, "front.sel". Flood fill this white. KEEP selected.

Go to selections, modify - contract by 10. Delete key or Edit - clear. Using the magic wand click on the white rim remaining to select it.

Use Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel with the following settings.

Deselect - Don't forget to save often!
With the magic wand, click inside the frame. Add a new layer - named screen. Go to Selections, Modify, expand by 2.
Flood Fill white. Go to Effects, Texture Effects, Weave and use the following settings:


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