Select none.
Again use the magic wand (tolerance 30), select the white lines. zoom in closer if that helps.

Selections, Invert, Hit the delete button on the keyboard OR go to Edit,Clear. Now all the black squares should be gone and you will see a white grid.

Selections, Invert again, and apply an inner bevel with the previous settings (effects,3d effects,innerbevel)
Deselect and Save.
Move the Screen layer under the front layer.

(I added a dark background just for clarity here.)
Turns these layers visibility off for now if you wish.

Add a new layer and name it fanblades. Selections - Load from disk - blades. Flood fill white. then Selections - Float.

Add an inner bevel (effects - 3d effects - inner bevel)

Deselect and Save.

Add a new layer - Fan middle.
With your preset shape set on ellipse(fill colour white, foreground null), hold the shift key while drawing to create a circle over the center of the fan blades.
Select your circle and apply this inner bevel.

Deselect. Move this circle with the mover tool to position right in the middle of the blades.

Make sure all layers are invisible except the fan blades and fan middle and Merge visible these two layers. Rename fan and move this layer under the screen layer. Hide this layer.

Have you been saving your work?



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