Applying Desktop Wallpaper

Downloading The Images:

The images on this site are in JPG format and are designed to fill your screen. They should not be tiled. The download size (in KB) is listed for each image, so you can get an idea of how long it will take to download. The width and height of the graphic is listed for each image. I run my computer at 1024 X 768 resolution, so most of the images are in that resolution. If your resolution is set differently, and it probably is, you will need to resize the graphic somehow so it will fit on your screen. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, most of them free and easy.

You can access the full size version of a graphic by clicking on its thumbnail. When the image is first loaded in your browser, it is sized to fit the width of your browser window.

Internet Explorer:
Right click on the graphic and select "set as background" to immediately apply it to your desktop.

Netscape browser
You should be able to select your screen width from the "View At" box on the upper left side of the web page. Select your preference and the image will reload (quickly, from your browser cache) at the size you specify. You can then right-click on the image and select "Set as Wallpaper". In most cases, your Netscape browser will set the wallpaper with the newly scaled version.

How it works
Using a JPG file as your wallpaper causes your browser to create a BMP (bitmap) file in your Windows directory. This file is usually called "Netscape Wallpaper" or "Internet Explorer Wallpaper". If you want to keep it for future use, copy it from the windows directory to your favorite image directory and give it a name. (If you don't do this, it will be overwritten the next time you use your browser to set the wallpaper.)

You could also save the original JPG file off of the web page (right-click). If you run "active desktop" on your computer, it can use jpg's as the wallpapers.

How to resize graphics to fit your screen:
If you own MS PLUS you can specify that your wallpaper always be scaled to fit. This is accomplished through your Plus Desktop settings.
There are free "wallpaper managers" that will organize and apply all your wallpapers.
Or you can open in Paint Shop Pro,(its easy to find it using the BROWSE function)to resize the image for your wallpaper to your resolution. This works best if you are making it smaller. If you need a larger size than 1024 X 768, email me and I will reload the fractal file to output one at your desired size for you.

Mac Users (OS 8.5):
Note: the following instructions are "borrowed" from another site, I have no idea if they are accurate- let me know if they need changed.
Click on the thumbnail of the image you want for your desktop. Once it has finished loading, click on the image with your mouse button and scroll down to "Save this Image As" in the menu. Save it to your hard drive or your desktop. Next, go to your Apple menu in the upper left corner, scroll down to "Control Panels" and choose "Appearance". Click on the "Desktop" tab. Click the "Place Picture..." button on the lower right and select the location where you saved your desktop image and press "Choose." Then, press the "Set Desktop" button in the Appearance menu. Your image will appear on your desktop. (Note: on Mac OS 8.1, choose "Desktop Patterns" from the control panels instead of "Appearance").


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