This is for all those hungry people in Prestigious PSP. LOL. Lets make a popsicle. yumm. You can even pick out your own favourite flavour -- how about that!

To start, open a nice large work space - 500x500. transparent background..etc.

Make a new layer, name it popsicle.

Click on Preset shapes, select a rounded rectangle (you could even try an oval depending on what shape you like your popsicle to be) antialias checked.

(if you would like to shape part of the sicle - or take a bite out of it LOL, check the create as vector box, when its the way you like, convert to raster layer)

With foreground style off, put your favourite flavor (I mean colour)in the background (fill) box. Draw a long rectangle/oval for the popsicle.

New layer.
Pick a bright colour for the handle, I used green #00FF00 in the background colour box.

preset tool to ellipse, antialias and vector checked. Draw an ellipse under your popsicle partly overlapping the top half as shown.

Click the node edit tool (Don't worry - just one easy little move), and right click on the image to select node edit. You should have a black line circle with four little boxes around it. Put your mouse over the top node & pull down about even with the side boxes & you have a rounded semi-circle.

Click anywhere outside your image too see all the colour again.

Layers/Convert to raster layer.(or right click on the layer in the layer palette and select convert to raster layer)

Select all, Float.
Effects-3DEffects-Cutout with these settings Vertical -15(negative), Horizontal -15(negative), Opacity 60 and Blur 50

Deselect and SAVE!


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