New Layer - name it stick if you like but it will be merged soon,

Using the pen tool set at a width of 30, antialias checked, switch your green colour to the foreground turning off the background.
Draw a line from the base of the cup down to the bottom (as long as you want the handle)

Select all. Float.
Invert, apply a drop shadow (effects-3deffects-dropshadow)with a vertical and horizontal of 1, opacity of 85, blur at 7.7

Deselect, layers arrange, Move down. SAVE.
The stick layer should now be under the cup layer.

Use the Move tool to slightly move the handle up behind the cup.

Turn off layers 1 and 2, then merge visible the handle layers - rename handle.

Make the popsicle layer active, Select all, Float.

Go to Effects, 3D Effects-Inner Bevel with these settings:( your other option is to use Blade pro or Eye Candy - I tried some SBP presets called Jello that work good, but I don't remember where they are from & thus I won't distribute them without permission)

Keeping the image selected, Use your airbrush with a setting as follows:

with White as your foreground colour, background off. Now this is to simulate the frost that forms on the cold ice, I used just a little and mostly towards the bottom of the popsicle. Spray very lightly- probably just touch it once or twice...

Keep Selected, Save and go on to the next page for the finish touchs.


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