This is a intermediate/advanced PSP tutorial. I assume you already know how to use PSP 7 tools but if you need any extra help, feel free to contact me by email . I remember doing a similar effect from a tutorial a long time ago, but don't remember where so I played around to recreate the look. I hope you enjoy it.

Victorian Flowers

I have included a zip file with the graphic we will use, the flower.bmp is from a broderbund clipart CD and is free to use but remains copyright to © Broderbund.The mask is a mask I made for this tutorial, - maybe I should write a tutorial for the mask! :-)

Download Zipfile 345K

Unzip and open victflower.jpg in PSP. Go to Window , Duplicate and close the original (just in case you wish to use it again.)
Set your background colour to #E3D2C8 - or select from the background of your image. Go to Image, Add Border of 15. This is just so the image we end up with is a bit more centered.
Using the selection tool set on rectangle, select a part near the middle with several flowers - something like this.

B.go to Selections, convert to seamless pattern. C.Then minimize your resulting tile.

Back on your full copy, deselect. Go to layers, promote to layer. Selections select all.
Use the eyedropper tool to select your foreground color from the background of your image.(Mine was #E3D2C8)

Selections, Modify and way down at the bottom choose Transparent color. Set it as in example.(or change it if you have trouble selecting the entire background) (If you notice the drop down there are various colors to choose as well as foreground or background- easy for tube making!)

In the layer palette, Right Click on the Layer 1, Promote to Layer(or selections - promote to layer). Now to check it out just put an X on layer 1 to make it invisible and deselect the flowers - and you have flowers on a transparent background!! Cool. I thought that was sooo amazing when I first did it.Rename this layer flowers if you like.

With the flowers active, use Artistic effects > Brush stroke with these settings. The colour is #333333

and a dropshadow...

Then turn flowers layer off (invisible) and make the bottom layer active.
Save your image and then go to the next page...



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