Make sure the lower layer is the active one.
Effects - Artistic effects - colored chalk.
Detail: 90 and Opacity: 30

Effects,texture effects weave

effects texture effects texture - with panel.bmp as the picture and these settings.

Turn both layers on again and move the layer transparency slider for the top layer to 75.
Save.(You did remember that part right?)

Make a new layer - named mask.Make sure the mask layer is the active one.
Set style to Pattern, with the tile you minimized earlier selected.Depending on the size you selected,try a 75% setting to get more flower color in the picture. Floodfill.
Effects, texture effects, texture with the same settings from earlier.
Then Effects, texture effects, antique mosaic.

Masks - Load from disk,victedge.msk.(Find the folder you unzipped from earlier.)

Mask - delete. This removes the excess fill. When asked if you want to merge etc. just say yes.
Add a drop shadow with these settings as earlier:

Almost there, just add a frame...



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