So Now you have a Graphire Tablet...but what do you do with it.?
(If you don't have one, go and get one!!) Besides the ease of drawing, and less wrist strain so you can stay at the computer even longer(LOL), there are a number of programs that sometimes stay hidden on the disk. Well pull out that disk and have a look!!

If you don't have "pen Office you can download a 30 day trial from Calligrapher. Look for Evaluation Versions: Pen Office 1.1

These are some of the things it can do...
On Screen drawing: PenOffice Screen Draw allows you to use your screen as a virtual drawing pad. You can draw on top of any desktop layout, save your drawings as bitmaps or jpegs or email them with an attached viewer. This is very convenient for making screenshots for tutorials as well.

ScratchPads: The scratch pad is a version of electronic ‘sticky notes’ directly on your screen. Notes can be saved, edited, and emailed. You can open multiple scratch pads on your desktop, draw sketches, jot notes and save them in compressed format.
If you buy an upgrade version, it will "recognise" your handwriting and convert it to type, they say.

Easy Screen Shots

Easy & Quick Notes

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