I ran across this one day and find it is very useful for tutorial writing. Its also great if you want to show someone an error message -- where your computer messed up-- and don't want to open up PSP just to make a screen shot of it!

I don't keep mine running all the time but have the icon on the quickstart tray by the start menu to make it easy to open.

The first time you use it, Right click on the tray icon (by the clock)and go to options. You may want to look throught the other tabs to see whats there, but we basically need the general one set as so:

the mail setting is default as an exe file - just incase you use that part, most people would prefer a jpeg.

So, Lets open that program. You should get a toolbar that looks like this.

The major parts we use will be
(1.) the button with the paintbrush on the left
(2.)the hand holding a selection box and of course
(3.)the menu button to save the picture.

I am using PSP examples but you can use this for any program you are using and want to make a note of.(There is even a special part to annotate in MS Word but I haven't used that yet)

Part of the tut I am writing, I want to show the settings of the effects box. So I click on the paintbrush (#1) and the entire screen will darken.
You'll see a cursor like this : If not click on the hand (#2.)Now select the area you want a screenshot of which will show clear.

Now heres the neat part, you can write or draw on the picture to clarify instructions. Try out the different sizes of pens from the toolbox and in different colours. There is also an UNDO arrow and a Clear. For example:

Click #3 - under the close box to get a menu. Go to "Ink/Image Actions" and down to "Save selected Image" and name it etc. Or you can click on the bottom middle button to the right of the delete button.(It has scissors and a disc on it)... It can be saved in .bmp or .jpeg formats, which you always compress or resize later.

Click on the paint brush button again and its back in normal operaton to continue on until your next screenshot - (Click on the paintbrush) Note, if the first selection still shows when you want to make a different one, click on the delete/clear button, and on the hand-selection (#2) to continue.

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